About this Website

Editor: Elmar Pfeiffer

This website is a private portal. In 2010 I integrated a module describing my newly founded company. However, the website itself remained a non-commercial project. It went online in June, 2002. The initial version contained only a few articles, although I had chosen an ambitious headline for my little project: "Immobilien-Kosmos" means "Real Estate Universe". The naming reflected the idea to present essays dealing with a wide variety of real estate issues and related topics.

First articles were mostly based on my print publications. At the beginning the focus was on retail topics and appraisal methods. Later on urban planning, real estate development, property rating, office and hotel subjects gained importance.

In August 2002, I launched a basic version of a German-English real estate dictionary. Comprising only 350 terms, it was ridiculously small. However, it was rapidly expanded, and soon became the biggest of its kind on a global scale. Today, it boasts 54,300 entries. It became the base for "EfI - Englisch für Immobilisten" (English for Real Estate Professionals), my monthly bilingual column in Germany's number one real estate magazine. There are some small specialized dictionaries Spanish-German and Polish-German as well.

The real estate dictionary and EfI significantly contributed to the advancement of the website which evolved into a broadly recognized and well appreciated portal.

In 2005 monthly traffic peaked at nearly 200,000 hits. In 2006 traffic figures dropped to 130.000 monthly hits (many people had copied my real estate dictionary). In 2010 the number of visitors went up significantly. Today, traffic has stabilized at 250.000 hits per month. However, though some authors published articles on my website, it has basically remained a one-man project. Thus, it is, metaphorically speaking, hard to keep the fire burning. This fact motivated me to publish a selection of English essays. It is planned to gradually extend this English section. The intention is to address an increasing number of international visitors and people who like to publish articles on my site, in particular. I'm especially interested in the participation of people residing in developing and emerging countries, respectively. So please feel free to contact me. You may have a look at my CV and my business presentation to get a feeling for who I am and what my professional background is.