Elmar Pfeiffer Real Estate Advisory


Elmar Pfeiffer (January 1962, Würzburg, Germany), Diplom-Geograph (univ.) has been active in the real estate business for more than twenty years. His favorite subjects are municipal advisory, business consultancy, real estate development, research, property rating, and international real estate transactions. For many years, Elmar acted as a principal advisor for many international real estate funds. Recently, he accompanied the trans-European expansion of an international hotel chain. In his twenties he was state guest of Qatar. He has published 100 articles in technical books and real estate magazines. In December 2009 he published a real estate dictionary (Praxiswörterbuch Immobilienwirtschaft Deutsch - Englisch). His web project "Immobilien-Kosmos" became a renowned source for members of the real estate industry.


Though an independant entity, the Real Estate Advisory, is hub of a network of specialized companies like appraisers, developers, investors and financers.